The Wildcat Experience

What it Is?

More than 130 models of the Scottish wildcat have been sited all around the village of Newtonmore in the Cairngorm National Park.  They're in gardens, on roofs, up trees.  All you have to do is track them down.


Certificates and prizes are awarded for finding 25+ cats.  

CHILDREN LOVE IT - and so do the adults (sshhh!).


Wildcat Experience Trackpacks are available for £7 per pack (£12 for two) from the Wildcat Centre, Newtonmore (next to the village hall in the Main Street) and from the Post Office and the Glen Hotel.

This contains a full colour brochure of the cats and a map of the village with a souvenir pen and a showerproof shoulder bag.

What To Do?

Mark each cat's location on the map as you identify it and claim your certificate and prize.


To remind you of your visit we have T-shirts, fluffy cats, pens and badges.


The Wildcat Centre is manned by volunteers and we are a charitable trust.